Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New gadget: Synology DS412+

I'm finally giving up running my Ubuntu server. I used the server as file server and and media server running MediaTomb with JavaScript support. In addition I hosted my sitebar and a local wiki. The server is now replaced with a new shiny gadget from Synology: DS412+ a NAS with all the features I need and low energy consumption. I can even host my wiki and the sitebar on it. I'm running it with 4x2TB disks in a RAID configuration with a total of 6TB available storage.

This means there will probably be no updates to the 'MediaTomb with JS support on Ubuntu' topic from my side. Sorry for that ;-)

When I have play with the new gadget a little more I will probably let you know more details. For now I can already say that the media server of the DS412+ is a lot more cooperative when used with the DLNA client of my Samsung BD player than MediaTombe ever was.